It can be hard to keep your kids busy during all of this and TV is an option we are all going to, but what shows are the best. I searched the internet as well as Netflix to help you so your kids can remain entertained and also learn something during this time.

  • Ask the Storybots - This is a show that was created so parents could enjoy it as well as kids. It answers the curiosities of kids and also helps them to learn more about science and math.
  • Sophia the First - This is a show for 3+ but it skews more for towards younger. It is also a follow up TV show to the popular Disney Channel movie. The story is about Sophia learning and relearning that being a princess means caring for others, developing principles and taking responsibility, which is great for all kids to learn.
  • PJ Masks - This is a superhero show for kids, but younger kids mostly under 7. This is a wildly popular show and the stakes that the heros have to overcome are quite tame so that's why this show skews younger.
  • The Magic School Bus Rides Again - I loved the old one when I was a kid and it appears that everything special about the original is still intact. Lin-Manuel Miranda does the beginning theme as the show takes you on zany field trips through the microscopic, galactic, and time-space continuum all while giving kids a lesson in STEM.
  • Brainchild - this is basically Bill Nye for this generation. It doesn't have Bill Nye but an energetic young host who shows off the fundamentals of science as well as the building blocks of scientific thought using SNL-style sets, CGI, and she has a cast of characters to keep children entertained.
  • ProjectMC2 - This is a show for parents looking to get their daughters interested in any STEM field. The show follows young girls as they try and save the world using their intelligence and creativity. Just a note that this show is rated as 7+.
  • The Who Was? Show - It is part sketch-show, part animated-musical, eith a young cast that plays out historical achievements with a straightforward and catchy tunes. Think of Wikipedia if it was a show for kids.
  • Total Drama - This is a show for 10+ but its also for your older kids that don't watch reality TV shows. The show is an animated series of faux competition shows that nails all of the things that we don't like about reality shows but also the reasons why we love reality shows.
  • Nailed It! - this is a great show for all people and it show kids and adults to laugh in the face of failure. The show is a reality show competition that pits amateur bakers against one another in an attempt to recreate cakes, cookies, and other food in under a time limit to make it more crazy and fun.
  • The Hollow - this is a show for your younger teens (its rated 11+) that don't watch Stranger Things. The show follows a trio that is forced to solve difficult puzzles that test their character, wits and stamina for a chance at survival and encounter weird people along the way.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events - Another show rated 11+, but its a follow up the popular movie and book of the same name. The show follows the mystery of the Baudelaire orphans’ family history and it tackles death, determination, and happiness and it visually looks great as well.

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