I'm a fan of candy and also a fan of all of the Easter, Christmas, any holiday candy that might come around. But what I am not a fan of is terrible candy trying to masquerade itself as something you have to eat cause its that holiday. So in the spirit of Easter this Sunday I'm gonna countdown the Top 5 worst Easter Candy.

5. Bunny Basket Eggs/Easter Hunt Eggs - This is the candy that looks like a jellybean but inside has a surprise of weirdness in the form of marshmallow or something that looks like marshmallow. I like marshmallow but whatever is in this jellybean is not marshmallows

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4. Jordan Almonds - This is not candy! This is like eating a sugary rock that you found on the sidewalk. If you wanna break your tooth this is the candy for you.  Plus no kids really like Almonds. And you shouldn't have to make a trip to Dentist just cause you by accidentally bit down on one of these things.



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3. Bunny Munny - These are the chocolate coins you see that are milk chocolate coins and that also have crispy rice in them. This is pretty much a crunch bar just without flavor and its usually hard as rock when you get it. This is a good idea to help your kids to figure out math and money cause these are usually traded on among kids even though all of the values taste the same. Bummer

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2. Peeps - This by far the most controversial candy of all the Easter candies that are around. You can usually find whole aisles in your grocery store filled with these Marshmallow formed birds. But now they have different flavors, chocolate covered ones, and even Peeps Milk (If you dared someone to try it please tell me how it is). Some people love it and some people dislike these things. But one thing is for sure you can find these the day after Easter for 5 cents

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1. Cadbury Creme Eggs. - Just ew, seriously though why are these things still being made. They are chocolate eggs filled with some sort of creme that just makes a big mess as soon as you take a bite of them. I don't think I've ever met anyone that has actually liked these so who's buying them and actually who's eating them.

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