With the spring and summer coming more and more new drivers will be out on the roads but be careful as watch out in these 5 Best and Worst Counties for Young Drivers.

MLive has mad e a list on a variety of factors, such as total accidents, total accidents by teens and the percentage of accidents as well.

But here is the list of Good Counties, or counties with less than 5% of accidents caused by teens.

  • Calhoun
  • Manistee
  • Cheboygan
  • Isabella
  • Bay

Another note that Ingham and Jackson counties are fairly safe with 5.1% and 5.4% of accidents caused by teens, respectively.

And now what you are ready to see or kinda scared to see, the Top 5 Worst Counties for Teen drivers. The two numbers below are percentage of total accidents cause by teens Under 18 and under 21.

  • 5 - Benzie (15.4% U-18, 30% U-21)
  • 4- Roscommon (15.9% U-18, 28.8% U-21)
  • 3 - Chippewa (17.2% U-18, 28.5 U-21)
  • 2 - Leelanau (18.1% U-18, 29.2% U-21)
  • 1 - Montmorency (21.2% U-18, 27.3 U-21)

To see the full list and to see more about each county MLive have all of the stats and info here. 


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