Mike Posner came to visit the station today! I was already a fan (Cheated on You was my break up anthem of the year last year) but now I'm an even bigger fan and here's why:

  • He keeps his trophies and awards at his mom's house in Michigan

  • He wants to use his talent to help make the world a better place

  • He still sleeps in his childhood bed when he comes home to visit (so his feet hang off the foot of the bed)

  • He's a humanitarian - Every copy of his upcoming album Page that is sold a meal will go to a child in need

  • He came up with the idea to feed a child in need over a bad airplane meal on one of his flights

  • He had the jerseys he's wearing in the music video for Top of the World specially made so he could have 'Posner' written on the back

  • He's a Tracy Chapman fan

  • PS. Here's our interview today and a song he just wrote and played for us called Fingertips: