Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, etc... I never have an answer for "What do you want?"  Or, if I do, it's something like "a new car."

But this... THIS... is within the realm of possibility.  Aaaanndddd.... getting it would be EXTRA special because it's so popular that there's a waiting list of like a bazillion years, because it's just a woman hand crafting them and selling them in her Etsy shop.  But she's got a back order of, like, thousands, because she can only make 15 of them per month, according to Dangerous Minds.

But I must have this Falkor plush toy!  I will cuddle it and hug it and love it forever.

My favorite movie EVER is The NeverEnding Story and..and..and.. look at him!  He's soooo cute!  And lucky!  I could go for some luck!  It's like the gift that keeps on giving!  Please make this happen!

Oh, and, I love the song NeverEnding Story just as much!  (The video...ehhh...but come on, it was 1984!)