I recently had my brother over for a few days, and even though my girlfriend was very nervous about having a guest, I knew he would be an easy first guest. Now, if you have never been a house guest or maybe will be one soon, these tips should help in making sure you will be a guest at that house again.

  1. Arrive with a Gift - You can buy a welcome gift or a parting gift.
  2. Buy groceries - If you are staying over for a few days then you might want to shop for yourself so you aren't eating everything in your host's fridge.
  3. Conserve Linens and Towels - Don't treat it like it's a hotel; use one or at most two towels while you are staying there.
  4. Ask About House Rules - If they have a pet, make sure to know the rules about them too.
  5. Give The Host Personal space - Your hosts want to hang out with you, but I'm sure not all of the time.
  6. Help Out Around the House - Does your host need some cleaning done or maybe something else done? Then help out.
  7. Keep Common Areas Clean - Obviously your bedroom, but also keep the bathroom and other rooms of house you use clean.
  8. Treat Your Hosts to a Nice Meal - Take your host out or maybe make a meal for them.
  9. Strip Bed of Sheets - Do this before you leave so your hosts have one less thing to do.

If you want to see more and also want some tips on being a good house host check out wikihow.com.

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