The winter is here and trying to keep your house and you warm can cost a pretty penny but here are a few ways to save your wallet from any more trouble.

According to Consumer's Energy and their spokeperson Brian Wheeler, “An average month is about 30 days for your bill, the last bill cycle was about 35 days so you had a combination of both colder weather and a longer period of time that we were billing you for."

So if your bill was a lot last month and you are trying to save money next month here are few things to do.

  • First, if you have a thermostat that can be timed make sure to time it and put the higher temps during the night and cooler temps during the day.
  • Next if you don't have a timer you can also save money by putting your heat at no higher than 68 while you are there and as low as 58 while you aren't there. You will see a change in your bill next month.
  • Also depending on where your vents are in your house, make sure nothing is in front of it or blocking a vent. The thermostat can't account for those things most of the time and will pump out more heat when its not needed.
  • You can also save money by setting your water heater to 120 degrees.
  • In addition to other water solutions, you can save money by also cleaning your dishes and clothes in cold water instead of hot. This is if you have a dish washer or washing machine in your home.
  • Furthermore, you can also seal up your doors and windows on the floor so it will allow for less of a draft to come in.

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