With this Ice Storm rolling in and the holidays approaching I've slacked on my running this week and haven't gotten as many run times as usual either, so that's fine! We'll get the times back on the ball after the New Year! I have noticed since I haven't been able to run as much this week I've gone a little stir crazy, it's become an addiction! I did find some interesting tips for running on the snow and ice though and thought it was fitting since we had an ice storm over the weekend so here's what I found:

  • Use Ice Grippers - I had no idea they made these but they actually slip over your shoes and give you traction and grip so you don't fall. I need these for every day walking! I fall so much!
  • Wear a hat with a brim - to keep the snow out of your face, duh!
  • Get trail running shoes - some are more water proof and give you better traction for running on the snow
  • Wear two pairs of socks - thinner pair on the foot and thicker pair on the outside, to keep your feet from completely freezing!
  • Screw It - haha, I couldn't help myself! One guy uses screws in the bottom of his running shoes for traction, seriously, check his tutorial here

Get ready to applause, I got my fastest mile EVER this week! Are you ready?!? 7:58 minutes!!!!! A sub 8 minute mile finally!
Josh Gonzalez is my only other time sent in this week with a 5k at 22:58 GO JOSH! You know best times for 1 mile, 2 miles and 5k will win movie tickets each week! You can send me your times each week using the form below, so happy running and Congrats again Josh for going the extra mile! (pun intended!)