This third roadtrip across Michigan's thumb is even closer to the tip than the last two.

This trip begins near Port Crescent State Park at the Buccaneer's Den. It travels easterly on Port Crescent Road , then south on N. Van Dyke Road for a few feet, then turn left on Stoddard Road.

Once you're on Stoddard Road, you'll come across an old schoolhouse, a few deserted farms and some abandoned houses.

It ends at N. Lakeshore Road along Lake Huron.

It's a short trip, only 14 miles long, and it only has a few interesting sights to see. No towns to go least, none we know of. It's extremely possible that a few of the crossroads may have been the sites of villages back in the 1800's, now lost to history.

Any trip down unexplored Michigan roads always leads to something of interest; and you'll find a couple here as well. Check out the photos below, then take the trip for yourself!

Remember, some structures are private property, enjoy their historic beauty from the road.


Small Town of Brohman, Michigan

More Michigan General Stores

Abandoned Grandparents Trailers, Northern Michigan

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