Yes Space Jam the classic cartoon / real people (or whatever you call it) basketball movie that came out 20+ years ago with Basketball Great Michael Jordan is finally getting a sequel. The original movie, which if you haven't seen it is great for people of any age, is about Michael Jordan coming to the Toon Squad team, lead by Bugs Bunny, to battle an evil team of animated monsters with the help of other NBA stars.

The sequel has been talked about for years, whether Michael Jordan was gonna star in it or if another NBA star was gonna star in it. No wait now as Lebron James has been set to star as the lead role in the film. The shooting date has not been set yet but I'm sure it will be over a summer as to not interfere with the NBA season.

But my question is who else is gonna be with Lebron in this new movie. In the first Space Jam a lot of past (then current) NBA stars were in it such as, Larry Bird and Charles Barkley. Who do you think should star in it with Lebron?

Also in case you need a refresher of Space Jam here you go...