Radio listeners have two big countdowns on their mind.  The first is the countdown to 2017.  The second is the countdown to John Garabedian's last show as host of the long-running "All Cool, All Request" Open House Party!  For fans of Garabedian and his three-decade career as host of 'the biggest party on the planet,' fortunately, his departure, which was originally planned to coincide with the ringing in of the new year, has been delayed slightly.

Garabedian will remain behind the mic "at least through January" he told Josh Strickland.  The pair talked about Garabedian's new book, The Harmony of Parts, that walks readers through Garabedian's life; from childhood, through his awkward teenage years to becoming an adult exploring love and relationships and carving out his space as a legendary figure in pop culture and broadcasting, the book has it all.

Garabedian scoffed at the idea of retirement, telling Strickland he's just ready for the next thing -- though he couldn't say exactly what that is yet.

He explained his feelings as a dutiful broadcaster to offer an empowering and inspiring takeaway for his audience; sentiments of identifying what it is you want in life and going after it "with gusto," with a simple offering as he closes each show, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, dream for tomorrow, but most important, be your dream."

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