Wasting no time to check off a New Year's tradition, Lake Odessa resolutionists (pronounced "crazy people) jump into an icy lake at midnight.

You'll get cold just watching this. For the 9th year in a row, a tradition continues in Lake Odessa as residents jump into a frosty Musgrove Lake at the stroke of midnight. Since 1920, our Canadian friends have made the polar plunge an established annual event. In the States, thousands waded into the icy Atlantic Ocean at Coney Island on New Year's Day 2019 for the annual polar plunge.

The numbers were significantly fewer in Lake Odessa, Michigan, but the temperatures were just as low. In Michigan, everything is relative, so an air temperature of 35 degrees is actually warm for December 31 and this is the first year that they haven't had to carve a hole in the ice of Lake Musgrove for the event. Watch as the jumpers line up on the dock and take the plunge into 2019.

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