You're about to meet the man who has made mornings delicious for many generations of kids. Bill Post is the breakfast hero who invented Pop-Tarts way back in 1964.

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Meet Bill Post

Mr. Post just celebrated his 95th birthday and recently sat down with Fox 17 in Grand Rapids to talk about how Kellogg's Pop-Tarts got their start right here in Michigan.

Don't confuse Bill Post with Post Cereal. It's a pure coincidence that the man responsible for one of Kellogg's most popular products shares his name with the cereal giant's biggest competitor.

Post tells the TV station that he started working for the Keebler Co. Bakery at the tender age of 16 years old. About 20 years into his tenure there, he was approached by Kellogg's employees who wanted help with a new product - a pastry that could be put in the toaster.

Pop-Tarts Were An Immediate Success

Post says they got right to work and the product was an instant hit.

"Within four weeks, we had a handmade sample," Post said. "Within four months, we had a product that went to test market. They found out that kids really liked them."

Post says that Kellogg's used Cleveland as a test market, producing 10,000 cases of each flavor - strawberry, blueberry, apple currant, and brown sugar cinnamon.

The Icing on the Cake

Post said the idea to put icing on Pop-Tarts didn't come until about three years later. After demonstrating to Kellogg's executives that the frosting wouldn't melt in the toaster, he got the green light and watched sales of the product double.

At 95 years old, the West Michigan resident says he still eats about three or four Pop-Tarts each week.

Thank you, sir. You've made breakfast delicious for many of us for decades.

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