As March 5th draws closer and Paczki Day will soon be here, I'm starting to think of what kind of paczki I'm gonna get. For the longest time, blueberry jelly was my go-to flavor. Then I discovered bavarian creme filling and it was all over from there. But I just recently discovered a bakery in Michigan that has, quite possibly, the most delicious filling I've ever heard for a paczki, and I'm baffled nobody has thought of it before.

Randazzo Fresh Market, which has 3 locations in Michigan in Clinton Twp, Macomb Twp, & Warren, is selling paczki filled with cannoli creme filling! Mixed in with chocolate chips,this is the best looking cannoli I've ever seen. I am seriously considering making the road trip to get my hands on one of these. If I can't make it happen, this may have to be an idea that we share with Sweetwater Donuts or one of the local bakeries around here. Would you try one of these?


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