For starters, if you're going to go over 100 MPH, whether that be winter or summer, you're not as cool as you may think you are.

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Lansing Teen Caught Going Over 100 MPH on Lansing Roadways

If you're going to drive in the Lansing area during the winter, and you think going 100 MPH is acceptable, it's time for you to go back to driver's education.

The driver was a 22-year-old man with no driver's license as well as warrants under his name, which led to his arrest.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The man, who hasn't been named, was caught going 106 MPH in a 70 MPH zone, near Crytes road on I-496 in Lansing.

Stay Safe & Follow The Speed Limit:

With the snow beginning to fall, it's best for you to follow posted speed limits in each area, as roads are much slicker in the area, and you're not going to be as lucky with a lack of traction.

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Michigan saw a huge snowstorm last week, the first of the season. It was the first this season, but it may not be the last. Lansing saw 13.3 inches of snow in a 24 hour period, which set new records for February snowfall. Other parts of Michigan saw a little bit more or less. Here are some pictures of the snow to show just how much over a foot of snow is.

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