Somewhere in the world there are these mythical creatures, called "Morning People". Legend tells us that when these "morning people" rise from their slumber in the early hours of the day, that they are actually awake and full of energy. How awesome would that be?Sadly, not everyone can be so lucky.

Take me for instance... I need to down at least one strong cup of coffee and have some icy water splashed on my face before I even begin to resemble a human being. If reading my story sounds eerily familiar, then perhaps you should invest in The High Voltage Ejector Bed. Yes, You read that right, The High Voltage Ejector Bed. I came across this story on Yahoo!  and it's all about this guy who invented this contraption that literally throws you out of bed (gently or with great vigor, depending on the air pressure setting). The inventor, Colin Furze, also fancies himself a stuntman, a plumber, and a filmmaker. Furze has even broken himself some world records. So at least you can be confident that this wacky invention works!

Check out the video below, and see if this could be a cure to your waking up woes!