The Big Ten Conference has announced they are going to be playing a conference only schedule, but another conference with many Michigan colleges will be playing both in and out of conference games. The Mid American Conference has announced, according to MLive, that they will be delaying their fall sports schedule with the exception of football.

The Mid American Conference has Central, Western, and Eastern Michigan and they are all going to go through with their out of conference games which start on September 3rd. Eastern Michigan is playing first as they have to travel to University of Kentucky on Thursday, Sept. 3, followed by Western which hosts FCS opponent Stony Brook on Friday, Sept. 4th, and Central hosts San Jose State on Saturday Sept. 5.

All of these games are as of now still happening but there are many state mandates that might ruin some of these games. Two games are on the brink of cancellation due to many COVID-19 restrictions, the EMU game in Kentucky and the CMU home game against San Jose State. These may be difficult to play because when you leave certain states to travel to another and come back you may have to be in a 2 week quarantine.

Will the entire San Jose State team possibly do this for one game? Also EMU's game vs Kentucky usually comes with a big check to Eastern, but with no fans will there be one? I don't see a team from California traveling to Michigan just for one out of conference game especially if there are no fans in the stands. No fans equals no ticket money which is how most colleges get money, so its a risk for possibly no reward.

We still don't know the answer yet and we may not know for a another few more weeks as schools wait on more information about the coronavirus and new cases.  But the Mid American Conference is one of the conferences that is going ahead with fall football.

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