As it stands, this home would make for a great setting for a new horror movie.

Now, I'm about to poke fun at this listing but, there are some great things about this house at 1408 14th Street in Bay City, Michigan. The home features original woodwork, hardwood floors, stained glass windows (which I wish were pictured), central air, and a new furnace.

Currently listed for $75,000, the home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Does it need a little TLC? Yes. But, even so, $75,000 feels like a heck of a deal.

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And, if you love Halloween/creepy vibes in general, you're going to get a kick out of this. Take a look:

There's Something Creepy in Every Room of This $75k Bay City Home

If you need a setting for a new horror movie, look no further.

You can find the full listing on Zillow. And, if you're interested in buying the home, contact Scott Cummings at eXp Realty at 888-501-7085.

If you do buy this home and want to continue the Halloween tradition, there's a man in Ohio who is showing us all up with his homemade decorations. Take a look:

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Sorry, everyone else, Alan Perkins in Ohio just won Halloween with his giant, homemade skeleton that looks to be overtaking his home.

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This home, only $69,000, might be an acquired taste given the dolls...and dark decorations...and shag carpet.

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