There are so many things that have been cancelled or changed and the possible SAT take home test is one of them. According to Associated Press, the company that creates the SAT test is going back on their attempts to create an SAT take home test, due to concerns about students not having the internet access to take the exam.

The company doesn't think that the test can be done remotely as students would need internet access as well as a video access so the proctor could watch the students take the exams. When you take an exam in person for the SAT you are seated in a classroom with dozens of other students and have a proctor watch and keep track of time, this would be tougher to do remotely.

Other concerns about the remote SATs are that students could potentially use the internet to get answers and there are hacker concerns too. More businesses are starting to open up and schools are talking about the new school year so the college board is abandoning plans for a remote exam. They will instead be working to expand the availability of the SAT at in-person test centers this fall, and it’s asking colleges to be more flexible with testing requirements

The company that owns the rival ACT exam said Tuesday that it’s continuing with previously announced plans for a home exam to be offered in late fall.

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