Is The Weeknd's new album about Angelina Jolie?

The A-list actress and Grammy-winning superstar sparked dating rumors when they were spotted out and about several times in the second half of 2021.

Nothing ever came from the gossip and eventually things quieted down, but now whispers about them becoming Hollywood's new It Couple are picking up steam again. Why this time? Well, it appears that the "Blinding Lights" crooner is singing about Jolie on his new album, Dawn FM.

The hit-maker unveiled his fifth LP on Jan. 7. In the days since its release, fans have been quick to dissect the lyrics. Many found what they think are references to his rumored girlfriend and the Eternals star on two of the songs.

Let's start with the first: "Here We Go... Again."

The Weeknd's "Here We Go... Again" Video:

The dazzling anthem is a duet with Tyler, The Creator, and its lyrics feature what is possibly the most direct reference to Jolie.

The Weeknd sings about his "new girl" on the track. He clarifies that she is also a "movie star," a fact that he repeats four times.

"And my new girl, she a movie star / My new girl, she a movie star," he sings.

He seemingly alludes to their sex life, too: "I love her right, make her scream like Neve Campbell."

As BuzzFeed points out, Campbell is an actor famously known for her role in the Scream franchise, making for a clever double entendre.

But "Here We Go... Again" is not the only song that fans think makes a reference to Jolie. The second is "Starry Eyes."

The Weeknd's "Starry Eyes" Video:

"I only met you in my dreams before / When I was young and alone in the world," the hit-maker sings on the opening lines. "You were there when I needed someone / To call my girl / And now you're my reality."

BuzzFeed notes that the lines could be a reference to the age gap between Jolie, 46, and The Weeknd, 31.

The actor (who is 15 years older than The Weeknd) would have been starring in movies when the singer was growing up. Thus, he could have watched her and felt a connection in his youth before finally getting to date her as an adult.

It's worth noting that one of Jolie's most noteworthy acting roles in recent memory has been as the ultimate baddie: Sleeping Beauty anti-hero Maleficent.

Disney recruited Lana Del Rey to put a modern spin on the classic Sleeping Beauty track "Once Upon a Dream" for the Maleficent soundtrack in 2014. It's possible that the opening lines of "Starry Eyes" reference this moment in Jolie's career.

BuzzFeed also points out that "Starry Eyes" refers to The Weeknd's new lover as someone who is "broken, hurtin', sufferin' from a shattered soul." This is possibly a reference to the star's public breakup with Brad Pitt.

Though Jolie is hardly the only person who has gone through a divorce in recent years, her split with Pitt has been widely publicized. It's totally possible that The Weeknd might sing about her coming out from under that breakup before entering a new relationship.

Are Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd Dating?

Do the two songs count as confirmation that The Weeknd and Jolie are dating? Neither of them have commented on the situation publicly so far.

While the rumored lovebirds are keeping mum on the subject, an anonymous source told Hollywood Life that the "Save Your Tears" star is "very enamored" with Jolie.

The source added that they developed a friendship, but that they are not dating currently.

"Right now it is baby steps from any type of announcement on that front,” they claimed. "She is focused on getting her divorce finalized and he is interested in continuing his career. If sparks fly for them, it will be a little more down the road but not out of the realm of possibility. They certainly have time on their side.”

Guess we'll have to wait and see what the future holds for this rumored pair.

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