Some people are back to work and getting back to a routine after the stay-at-home order was lifted, and it can take a few days to get back to it. I know whenever I used to leave the house I would make sure I had my phone, keys, and wallet, which is easy to remember. Now I need make sure I have all of those things including a mask (and maybe gloves) plus I used to buy my own lunch but due to some restaurants still being closed I'm bringing it with me from home now which just adds to the list.

This got me thinking "what else am I forgetting" and "what are other people forgetting?" I asked that question on Tuesday for my topic of the day and I got some interesting responses that you may not have thought of. This might help you with your new routine.

I wouldn't worry too much if you are forgetting one thing as the average person forgets four important facts, items or events every day, according to Some of the easiest things to forget are: what room you are in, misplacing your keys, forgetting an item on your shopping list, people's names after you're introduced to them, and misplacing your pen. These are just 5 things people forget daily and the best thing to do to not forget anything is have a routine or write things down with a post-it or in your calendar.  Here's the other 50 things most people forget.

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