There are many natural wonders in this world that I've yet to see. The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls (are those even natural?), and the Aurora Borealis otherwise known as The Northern Lights.

And NO ONE told me I could see the Northern Lights in Michigan! That should've at least been a minor selling point!

I'm a big lover of all things related to space so, when I saw this post I have to confess I experienced a little childlike wonder. In the Michigan Reddit group, user Driftershoots posted a breathtaking photo of the Northern Lights over the Mackinac Bridge. Check it out below.


Clearly, I didn't pay attention in science class because I would have sworn that you could only see the Northern Lights from Alaska or Antarctica or Finland or some other country that's close to the North Pole. But, according to the Northern Lights are common in Michigan if you have the right conditions. They recommend a clear, cold, and crisp night. The U.P. will be the best place to view them and peak months are April, October, and November. Obviously, the further north you travel, the more likely you are to see them.

Reading through the reddit thread, it's comforting to know that I'm not alone in my shock at the Northern Lights being seen in Michigan.

Reddit user Morkalater said: Wow, I thought you had to like go to Alaska or Iceland to see the Northern Lights! 

Niles commented: I thought I remembered seeing them when I was a kid! I moved away when I was 7 and recently moved back. I couldn’t verify if I was actually remembering something that happened or wishful/suggested thinking

And PSawyer10250 wrote: This kind of thing is why I moved to Michigan. So many moments of incredible beauty. And few natural disasters expect blizzards.

Coming to Michigan was a big leap for me, a lifelong Floridian. But, I am blown away by the beauty of this state, the nature trails and views it offers, and, as I now know, you can see the Northern Lights too!

Have you seen the Northern Lights firsthand? Send us your pictures!

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