We know there have been a lot of famous people that were born and raised in Michigan or have lived here for a while, but you may not know who's the most famous person from your county.

This list has been updated several times as there was some backlash as to who was the most famous person in each county.

  • Ingham County - This should be easy as he was just named the President of the Lakers, Magic Johnson, DUH.  Ofcourse he was born and raised in Lansing and went to Michigan State.
  • Jackson County goes sports again as famous TV analyst and Coach Tony Dungy was born in Jackson.
  • Clinton County has another sports star in Retired & Gold Medal gymnast Jordyn Wieber, she was born in Dewitt.
  • Shiawassee County has a non-sports star in Thomas Dewey who famously lost twice in the Presidental Elections in the 1930s and 40s.

Sports stars are all over the list, but you can check out the full list here. And see where Madonna, Kid Rock, and others stack up in their home county of Michigan.


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