The Detroit Lions lost another playoff game. That makes them 0 and since I've been alive (23 years for those of you wondering). Although this loss was different than a few years ago when they got creamed by the Saints in New Orleans. For whatever reason, fans thought this year, this playoff would be totally different. So did this guy. Meet Jaime Valdez. He's a gambling man. According to the full story at mlive, He made a bet with a buddy that resulted in him getting a Dallas Cowboy tattoo if the Lions lost and his friend getting a Lions tattoo if the Cowboys lost. I imagine he had to be feeling pretty good in that first half. Lions were on the road and up 2 touchdowns, and then I think we all know what happened next.

When that referee picked up the pass interference flag, Valdez was all but picking up his sleeve and wiping down his arm for his newest Cowboys themed ink. Man, I love a good bet. I really do. Awhile ago my friend and I did a tattoo themed bet but one of us backed out. Who? Let's just say I have a few tattoos so I was ready to go. I would definitely recommend betting on things that you have some control over though. Fandom makes people do some crazy things, I get that, but with that loss came a permanent fixture on this guys arm. He seems like a great sport though and honored the bet like a champ, unlike my friend. If there is one piece of advice I can give, it's never bet on the Detroit Lions in the playoffs.