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So one of the hottest toys this year happens to be the L.O.L. Surprise doll. And even though I've seen it on several lists, I have no idea what it it. So I did my research. And from what I can see, and after watching several videos of young girls opening these, the fun with these dolls is actually OPENING THEM UP. And for a lot of folks, making a video of them opening them up and posting on social media. Like the one below. For SEVEN minutes.

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Apparently it's like reaction videos. But it's kids. Unwrapping toys. And with the L.O.L. Dolls, it's on a whole nother level.

Toy makers, who are experts at capitalizing on children’s weird interests, have now figured out how to make a toy that replicates what kids like about unboxing videos. Enter the L.O.L. Surprise! doll, a sphere the size of a bocce ball that consists of seven layers of packaging. Kids peel away the layers of crinkly plastic, which contain stickers and messages and tiny accessories that are surely crunched under many a parental foot, and find a small, nearly naked plastic doll with giant Bette Davis eyes who measures just a few inches tall. (The Atlantic)

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Not gonna lie, I know I'm out of the demo because just watching a few minutes of these is all I can really stand. But the trend is the unwrapping. Or "unrolling". And that trend is the new UNBOXING. And that is apparently THE THING with these toys. The word SURPRISE and the number of SURPRISES in each ball or capsule.

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The biggest toy trend of the season isn't necessarily the toy within, but the unwrapping and getting to the small surprise inside. And the more surprises you have to unwrap, the more fun and joy you get to have. Especially if you make an unwrapping video and put it online. BTW, there are literally THOUSANDS of these videos online and a lot of them have views in the MILLIONS!
Merry Christmas. Now get to unzipping. Or unwrapping. Or unboxing. Or is it unrolling? I'm so lost.



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