It's been an internet "untruth" for so long -- it's been 'the boy who cried wolf' of news stories that we all wanted to believe but kept being let down by and having to hide our faces after sharing on Facebook.

No more, my friends.

John Stamos has confirmed that Netflix ordered 13 episodes of the new Full House spin-off, 'Fuller House.'  He made the announcement to Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night.

The show will follow a recently-widowed DJ Tanner and her two kids (and one on the way); Stephanie and Kimmy are there to help as well.  Uncle Jesse will be there too.  What about Dad and Joey?  The twins?  Unconfirmed.  But I am 100% confident we'll see Bob Saget and Dave Coulier make appearances.  Lori Loughlin too.  I can't say for sure about the Olsen twins but, well, it would be cool.

People has more details!  Real all about it here.