We've all done it.

For one reason or another.

We don't have auto start and it's cold outside. So we'll run out real quick, start the car, run back inside, and SWEAR we'll keep an eye on it to make sure no one steals it.

At home is a pretty safe bet but folks have had their cars stolen right out of their driveways before.

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And let's be honest. You're really not keeping a watchful eye on the car. You're getting coffee, wrangling the kids, anything but paying attention. So far, you've been lucky no one has stolen your car out of your driveway or driven off with your vehicle from your apartment complex.

It could happen.

The question I have (even though we're all guilty of the above scenario at home) is how can you graduate to the level of trust, as to leave your car running say IN FRONT OF A CONVENIENCE STORE while you run in to grab something?

You get out of the car (why you leave it running is beyond me) and say to yourself, "I'll be in and out in a jiffy". Thinking all the while I'll be back REAL QUICK and NO ONE WOULD DARE STEAL A CAR IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Especially your car. Or truck.


You are very trusting.

And you couldn't be more wrong.

“I ran in to get my coffee and I came out. I was probably in the store two minutes, 90 seconds, and when I came out, it was just pulling out of the intersection,” said Lansing resident, Pete Stroup. (WILX)

It's not just a movie my friends, this is real life and it's happening more and more in Lansing.

This incident happened on Saturday, February 6 at 9:49 a.m., the truck was taken from the Quality Dairy parking lot at 1412 W. Mt. Hope. According to the Lansing Police, the truck was last seen driving west on Mt. Hope. (WILX)

Saturday morning in broad daylight.

And according to this story, another car was stolen from the exact same location two hours earlier, they came back, dropped off that stolen car and then jumped into Pete's running truck. With the keys in it. And the doors unlocked.

Look, we could talk all day about how and where it's legal to leave your car running and so on.

So, we may be able to warm our cars up without worry in our driveways now, but it's still illegal to leave your idling vehicle unattended on a private road or business parking lot.

Read More: Michigan Winter Laws: It's Legal to Warm Up Your Car | https://975now.com/michigan-winter-laws-its-legal-to-warm-up-your-car-in-your-driveway/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

Use some common sense people. Stop being so trusting. Most crimes are of opportunity. Don't make it easy for thieves. They are counting on you not paying attention (on your phone), being in a hurry,  and lazy.

Don't leave your car running, unlocked, and unattended.


Just stop to think about how many times you're going to have to explain how and what you did to the cops and your insurance company.

Don't do it.

Take your keys, lock your car.

Or get an autostart.

It'll be cheaper than having to replace a stolen car.

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