The Verge reports that Paul Marcarelli, the "Verizon Guy" that was always asking 'Can you hear me now?', is now working for Sprint, and he says "every network is great!"  So, he says, you can pay half your Verizon bill by switching to Sprint.

If it's true that every network is great then doesn't it make sense to find the very least expensive plan you can?

Here's my truth as 'the MetroPCS guy:'

I've had Verizon.  It was good.  I've had Sprint.  It was good.  I've had AT&T.  It was good (though I knew people that also had it and their service was terrible, but I digress...)

I've had (and still have) MetroPCS, and it's good... and it's the best deal.  That's why I still have it.

So yeah, you could pay less switching from Verizon to Sprint, but why not pay a LOT less, get a bigger network than Sprint (the T-Mobile network), and pay half what you'd pay with Sprint -- or, half of half what you'd pay with Verizon.

Hello, hello, hello.

P.S. That Paul guy looks like Where's Waldo.