You might want to hide this from your kids, but if you are looking to get out of work for a day, why not try and get a snow day? There are a lot of superstitions and weird things you can do the night before to wake up to a bunch of snow, so that's why I said you might want to hide this from your wouldn't want them to bring too much snow.

Now I have heard of #1 and #2 when I was a kid, but I didn't know there were more than those two until I looked it up. I found most of these from Reader's Digest, but a few are my own superstitions I've heard since I was a kid.

  1. Throw ice cubes out the window
  2. Yell "Snow Day!" into the freezer
  3. Put a white crayon on every windowsill in your house
  4. Put a spoon under your bed, you can even freeze the spoon to help more
  5. Run around your dinning room 12 times
  6. Do opposite things like: brush your teeth with your opposite hand, sleep with one sock on, also sleep backwards with your feet at the top of your bed and your head at the bottom.
  7. Wear a colored sock on your left foot but not your right foot
  8. Flush 2 ice cubes down the toilet
  9. Wear plastic bags (like newspapers come in) over your socks and in your shoes the day before.
  10. When in doubt, pray. Hey, it’s old school, but there’s no harm in tacking it on to the end of your nightly prayers

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