Yesterday I had people submit their 'Awkward Moments' via Facebook and my show so I compiled a list of my favorites to share! Here's what you posted or called in to say!

Danielle Griffin That awkward moment when you drop your pop on your lap at work and go to stand up as a client walks in and it looks like you just peed yourself.. By the way, my pants and legs are now sticky
Jessica HeksemThat awkward moment when you're a nursing mom and you walk out to the kitchen to get a Coke and wonder why you can feel a draft...(then you notice your boob is just hanging out!)
Henry Clay that akward moment when your girlfriend introduces you to her mother, the lady you had a one night stand with the night before!
Nikki L Lewis That awkward moment when your 4 year old son says he likes having a penis because he can pee standing up unlike mommy who has to sit when she goes to the waitress. (Face palm)
Garrett Reinig That awkward moment when you walk in on your college roommate, door unlocked, straddling his computer and watching porn while ... ya know.
Aimee Danielle That awkward moment when your grandpa hugs you and tells you that every time he sees you you're bigger, while grabbing your love handles. Thanks gramps.
Christine Faraone PettitThat awkward moment when my 5 year old son sings, at the top of his lungs, "If Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy so Daddy's gonna make Mama happy toooooooniiiiiiight!" In the meat department. At the South Penn Meijer. On a Saturday morning!
David L. Reevers That awkward moment when you go Christmas shopping for someone you work with because they're having a hard time in life. So you drop a couple hundred on them and wrap them and drive over to their house dressed as Santa Claus only to find out they're Jehovah's Witness.
Abby Weller That awkward moment when your roommate doesn't realize your home and passionately runs into the bathroom with her boyfriend while your on the toilet.
Jessa AnthonyThat awkward moment when you go into the freezer at work and your rapping what u need to cook and drop down I need some wing a ding dings and the new assistant is starring at u like oh my god you went there.... kick self in face and walk out real fast.
Taylor Jay That awkward/embarrassing moment when you're 20, but don’t look it and your mom pretends you're 14 or younger to get you in cheaper at places.
Megan Lionel Stoddard The awkward moment when I texted my boss letting her know I couldn't make it into work and my phone auto corrected the word sorry to "SorryNotSorry"
David L. Reevers That awkward moment when a coworker has a death in the family and people at work are passing around a sympathy card for you to sign, and you thought it was a birthday card so you write in big red letters, " Happy Birthday ya cooter! Shots tonight?"
Jacob AkleyThe awkward moment when you send a sext to your aunt, when it was for your wife. True story
Christina Simmons Awkward moment when your one night stand comes into your work and you have to take their vitals and get their info...
Samantha Telfer That awkward moment you're 3 year old son, stands up in grocery cart, pulls his pants down, and yells mommy, mommy look my third arm is growing....
Jennifer Kirby That awkward moment when you're at the store with your 4 year old daughter, about to check out, and your daughter yells in front strangers, "Hey! We forgot the beer!"
Jennifer Kirby Or...that awkward moment when you're staying at your fiance's parents house for the week and you and and your fiance want to get it on while the parents are gone so your fiance calls his dad to see when they'll be home and dad keeps asking why and insisting they can come home early and your fiance finally breaks down and says, "I'd like to have sex with my fiance." Total mood killer.
Katy Van Andel That Awkward moment when your sitting in class and pull your mom's giant grandma bra out of your hoodie pocket...clearly did not use a dryer sheet to stop that static cling
Ashley Allen That awkward moment when giving a big 30 minute presentation in class your stomach starts making loud sounds letting you know "it's time to hit the toilet girlfriend",and you try to bring your voice higher to drowned out all the noise.
RoseAnn Bixby-Smith That awkward moment when you call your husband and say, "Hey, sexy, What are you wearing?", and your 14 year old son answers with, "Mom?"