I'm sorry, I am laughing so hard writing this because because this story is not only fantastic but hilarious.

Two Michigan men are currently battling over who is the OG of landscaping with a mullet. How do they plan on determining who owns the rights of this landscaping mullet crown? A dance battle.

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Guy With a Mullet Landscaping

Al Durham is the head honcho at Guy With a Mullet Landscaping. He told Fox 47 that he was already rocking a mullet and knew he was good at landscaping, so he figured combining the two would be a success. Well, it turns out it was and Durham even gets free beer out of it.

He said that it started as him just trying to raise money for a Harley, but now he plans on expanding his business.

Ideally, employ young mullets. That’s the future we’re talking about here. The mullet’s a must. If they don’t have the hair, yet, I’ll give them a wig.


McAllister's Lawn Care

Dave McAllister of McAllister's Lawn Care claims that Durham is late to the game because he was sporting a mullet and mowing lawns 20 years ago.

He's still mowing lawns but his mullet no longer exists and he told Fox 47 that he doesn't rock one anymore because no one likes a gray mullet.

The Dance Battle

In his heyday, McAllister says he was known as "Disco Dave," so he decided to challenge Durham to a dance battle to see who will take home the mullet landscaping crown home.

Ya know, just some good ol' clean dancing fun. If this dance battle actually does happen, I need a front row seat.

You can read the full story on Fox 47's website.

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