Back in the summer one of my friends mentioned that hanging eucalyptus in their shower and helps them wake up in the morning. Before I started doing morning radio, I woke up around 8 o'clock and didn't feel like I needed the extra pick me up. Well, I definitely do now.

According to healthline, eucalyptus is great for multiple things like dry skin, cold symptoms, pain relief and more. Not only does it add a little bit of aesthetic to your bathroom, but it'll make it smell nice too. It really helps if you have any kind of nasal congestion. Cosmopolitan says, "Inhaling steam that's infused with eucalyptus oil (which happens naturally in the shower) can help."

Where can you get eucalyptus from? Trader Joe's usually has bundles of eucalyptus, but the closest one is a ways away. You can buy some off of Amazon or Etsy! I currently have some in my shower and bought mine from Michaels. However, eucalypstus isn't in season, so it took me awhile to find it. After you buy your eucalyptus, if it's not already bundled together, you can either use twine or a rubber band to hang them over your shower head. You can put them anywhere in your shower as long as it's close to the steam. Keep in mind, you will have to replace it every few weeks for the full benefits.

Are you a fan of eucalyptus? What do you use it for? Download the app and let us know!

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