You thought the new trailer for The Batman was intense and gritty? Just wait until you see what it looks like ... with the music of Cats

That’s precisely what someone with a lot of time on their hands made. On Twitter, @_elvishpresley_ shared a version of the trailer for Matt Reeves’ reinvention of the Dark Knight with the audio from the trailer for Cats. The two work ... oddly well together? I mean, I know Batman likes to spend his time all alone in the moonlight, and he remembers the time he knew what happiness was, and he’s ready to let the memory live again. Still, these two sync up perfectly. Watch:

I think this “Catman” trailer speaks to the formula that’s maybe becoming a bit too predictable in trailer editing. Every single one is the same length (two minutes and 30 seconds) and every single one follows a very similar outline. That’s why the Cats trailer audio works so well with this. The audio from a lot of modern trailers would synch up with the visuals from a lot of other modern trailers, because they’re all following the same structure. The Batman is scheduled to open in theaters on October 2, 2021.

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