If you're standing up and reading this for whatever reason, sit down. Mostly because that's real weird. Secondly, because you may pass out from excitement. I love Ghostbusters, wore my shirt the other day actually. It's glow in the dark actually. Anyway, according to MTV the cast was revealed earlier today. It includes Melissa McCarthy who is on fire right now, she's in everything. An SNL alum in Kristen Wig, who is hands down the funniest woman on the planet right now. Current SNL cast member Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones is also a very very funny lady.

Harold Ramis had just passed away awhile back when they were discussing Ghostbusters 4 and I'm glad that they held off on that. Out of respect for Harold or whatever they decided, I just think all in all it was a pretty good idea. He wrote the original screenplays so it was probably a good idea that they held off. When rumors were circulating that the all female Ghostbusters was possible, I freaked out. What a great and funny idea. Can't wait to hear more from this project. I'll keep you posted!