Sure it happens every summer, but it's striking when you see a countless number of insects that like to swarm near the Straits of Detroit (yes, strait not river).

WXYZ captured the video today (June 25) and shared it on Facebook,

UGH: This might look like a blizzard, but it's actually thousands of fish flies swarming around a street light on Jefferson near Cadieux in Grosse Pointe.

Some people who commented on the Facebook video took it in stride,

Just part of being an east sider. No big deal.

For those who don't live here, this happens every year here.

Means that water ways are healthy. They may be annoying, but good to see so many.

And it's not just Southeast Michigan that's dealing with a summer bug infestation, the Upper Peninsula has been particularly hard hit, including this video that went viral of so many bugs hitting a car's windshield the driver described it like a hailstorm.

Here's what that stretch of Jefferson at the border of Grosse Pointe and Grosse Pointe Park looks like in more bug-free times.

jefferson ave grosse pointe
Google Maps Street View

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