Grandparents are special. If you still have them, count yourself among the blessed. I saw that a Tik Tok went viral for filming his grandmother. She was watching Marvel movies and taking notes. She wanted to be able to talk with her grand kids about them. How cool is that? She also has 13 grand kids.

We all have grand parent story. The spoiled us. They probably took care of us a bit when we were younger and some did their best to embarrass us! I miss mine. It has been awhile, but I still stop in my tracks when I see a show, hear a song, or see a Cracker Barrel sign.

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Your grandparents are probably a wealth of knowledge. They have scene a lot of history and probably have stories to tell. I would be they appreciate having someone to talk to. It makes them feel important and you might learn something too. Playing board games with your grandparents can be fun. My grandmother played some cutthroat Monopoly. She liked to win and I could always appreciate that.

It is also good to get your grandparents out of their home. Take them to lunch or shopping. There are also some cool family friendly things in Lansing that you can do with them year round. A lot of these are cost effective Unfortunately, our grandparents are not here forever. Make the most out of the time you have with yours!


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