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Taylor Swift Went Unrecognized at a Local Pub

No matter what part of the world you live in, it's safe to say everyone knows who Taylor Swift is. It's almost impossible for her to go unrecognized anywhere. But yet, while out at a local pub in the U.K with Ed Sheeran, she managed to go the entire night without being called out. (via Uproxx)

Louis Tomlinson Quietly Paid for a Band's Stolen Gear

A GoFundMe was recently posted for Maruja, a band that who recently had $8,000 worth of equipment stolen from their van. The group took to Twitter to thank Louis Tomlinson for donating a whopping $4,000 to their fundraiser.

YouTuber Accidentally Posts Clip Forcing Child to Cry About Dying Dog

YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne has apologized after accidentally uploading an outtake of her forcing her son to cry about their dying dog for a recent YouTube video. In the outrageous clip, Cheyenne is seen faking her tears and coaching her son to do so as well. (via TooFab)

People Are Sniffing Onions Because They Think It Cures COVID

The latest ridiculous thing the internet has come up with to supposedly "cure" COVID-19? Sniffing onions! Especially popular in Asia, some people claim that if you cut an onion in half, cup it to your nose and mouth and take deep breaths, it'll cleanse your lungs. It has gotten so popular that experts have had publicly debunk the theory. (via AFP)

'Cops' Is Coming Back

After being cancelled last summer amid protests of police brutality, the hit show cops is coming back. It'll be back starting October 1st, on the Fox Nation streaming service. (via Hollywood Reporter)

Remember When Rachael Ray's House Burned Down? 

Rachael Ray's house was destroyed in a fire in 2020. Now, the TV show host and food phenom has rebuilt her home. Take a look:

The Kid Laroi Is Going on Tour

The Kid Laroi kicks off his world tour in January 2021, and tickets go on sale this Friday. See below if he is coming to a city near you:

25 Celebrities Who Had Tattoo Regret

Celebrities all have different ways of dealing with their regrettable tattoos — from expensive removal procedures to covering up with more ink... or even just living with their mistake(s) and dealing with the consequences.

Discover 25 tattoo regrets, cover-ups and removals, below.

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