Bills surrounding women's reproductive rights and other related laws have been hot-button issues for years. In 2021, other states have doubled-down on their bills and laws when it comes to things like abortion. However, here in Michigan there is debate on if this is a first step in either direction.

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What The Bill Is About

WILX reports the bill presented by the Michigan House of Representatives is written as "as a tax credit for pregnant women" and would, if it goes all the way to law, would give Michigan women who are at least 12 weeks pregnant a $202 credit.

Republican Representative Rodney Wakeman tells WILX the bill is "strictly" meant to financially help women who are pregnant. Arguably, that is one of the most expensive times of a person's life so it would make sense there.

However, like anything in politics, there are debates over what the bill really means from a "pro-life" or "pro-choice" stance.

The Debate Around The Bill

In trying to find more information on the subject, this has been a conversation in Michigan since 2012.

WZZM reported in August of 2019 that the Michigan senate was introducing practically the same bill. CLICK HERE for more information on that instance.

One of the arguments on the "pro-choice" side is that this bill is a step towards anti-abortion bills as by dictating the "12-week" mark, it makes it so the government has ultimately determined "personhood." It's a similar argument to "heartbeat bills"

On the "pro-life" side of things, it incentivizes women to not terminate their pregnancies as finances are sometimes a factor in that decision.

Debate Aside, Form Your Opinion and Take It To The Polls

We don't want to delve too deeply into political ideologies here, but topics surrounding women and their reproductive rights hopefully won't always be up to the men in our House and Senate but until then, here's what we've got.

While the "pro-life" vs. "pro-choice" arguments will probably never cease in our lifetimes, Wakeman told WILX, "This is not a right to life issues. If a mom is going to be considering an abortion they will typically be happening prior to the twelve weeks"

Planned Parenthood of Michigan, meanwhile,  told WILX that the abortion pill can be taken up to 11 weeks and an actual procedure can be done up to just past 19 weeks.

With declining birth rates nationwide could also be a factor in forming your opinion or wherever you stand on abortion, just make sure to stay up on the facts and help where you can, when you can.

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