Michigan State Spartans kickoff their season this Friday against Utah State, at 7pm, so if you are attending here's some tailgating information for this season.

  • Lots Open When?
    • Kickoff for this Friday's game is at 7pm so because of that the tailgate lots open at 1pm. For Saturday afternoon games the lots open at 9am. And for Saturday evening games the lots open at 1pm. Don't come before these times as traffic backup is bound to happen and more traffic makes it worse.
  • Where to Tailgate?
    • Anywhere really.....as tailgating is permitted on all public parking areas on campus. Just know not to park on grassy areas north of the Red Cedar river as cars and vehicles can't park there as it endangers the soil and growth on campus.
    • You can park on Cherry Lane Field (Parking moved from Munn Field). Parking is $20 at available lots. And there is also shuittle service from Lot 89 (located just off Mouth Hope Rd) for $5. Recreational vehicle parking is available in lot 97, cost is $60 per RV.
    • Check out campus map and stadium maps here. 
  • What to Bring & Not Bring?
    • No couches or upholstered furniture, No kegs, No drinking game structures, No trailers of any type, Oversized trucks must park in RV parking, clean up after yourself, No tents larger than 10' x 10', No tobacco products can be used on campus at any time.
  • What to Bring in the stadium
    • Good items

      • Seat cushions without backs or zippered sections that cannot be used as a bag. Binoculars but no case. Phones but no case. Small cameras and radios. Blankets and rain apparel. One sealed 20-oz. bottled water per person

      Bad items

      • Purses or bags of any size, Containers of any kind, including aerosol cans and spray cans, Umbrellas, flags and flagpoles. No food or alcohol. Coolers, thermoses, cups, bottles, cans, flasks. No Camcorders and tripods and selfie-sticks. No Strollers Non-approved chair backs (rent one at spartanseatback.com) Also no Projectiles!


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