Super Glue has a lot of fantastic uses. Next to Duct Tape, it is a household staple. Interesting Super Glue fact, back in Vietnam, it helped save lives. It was used by medics to close wounds.  Now, it has an entirely new use.

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When it comes to weddings and being a bride, the struggle is real. There is so much that goes into the dress, the event, and of course the hair style. Super-Glue might make the latter for some. Brides are now using it on their wedding day to temporarily pin their EARS back.

A hairstylist in Brazil just did it for a bride who wanted to wear her hair up in a bun. And the Instagram video has racked up over 20 million views. Supposedly, the bride believes she has big ears and doesn't wear her hair up very often. When she does go with her hair up,  she uses Super Glue to pin them back. She asked her stylist to do this for her wedding and she complied.

This is her before and what she looks like after

It doesn't look hard to do. A line of Super Glue behind each ear, stIck them to the sides of your head, and that's it!

Some people think it's genius. Others, not so much. Many believe you should just love you for you. Solid advice. That said, she's not the only one to do it. Several women have commented and admitted to doing the same thing. Considering girls have been duct taping their boobs for years, this should come as no surprise.

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