Get ready to hear the sirens on Wednesday for the annual statewide tornado drill in Michigan. According to a notice sent today by the Capital Area Ingham County Alerts, the tornado sirens will sound at 1 pm on Wednesday, March 25th. Here's the information they sent out today:

Tomorrow (Wednesday 3/25/2020) is the Michigan Statewide Tornado Drill. At 1pm the outdoor warning (tornado) sirens will be activated across Ingham County. Since these drills are always done in the afternoon, with schools out and many businesses closed this could be the first opportunity many families have had to do it together. 

This is the time to check your basement or whatever area you use to shelter and make sure it is cleaned and ready to use. Here are some fun activities for children with coloring books, word search, and tornado safety information. Print these out and when the sirens sound, take them to your safe space and teach everyone about severe storm safety!

However this is a no-obligation drill. If you aren't in a position to shelter, take that time to think about where you would go if an actual tornado was coming when the sirens sound.

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