Starbucks is trying to be more environmental, by making less plastic waste and Michigan State is helping Starbucks achieve this. If you are wondering how Michigan State is helping, its that they are creating a new lid for their coffee cups and the new lid was created by an MSU grad.

According to WLNS, MSU Grad Emily Alexander who is from Okemos, and of the Class of 2011,  is the mind behind the new more eco-friendly coffee lid that Starbucks will be using to replace the straws. Alexander, who works in Research and Development at Starbucks attended the MSU School of Packaging. The new design of the lid will be more eco-friendly as it will be easily recyclable and will help Starbucks reach their goal of eliminating plastic straws and waste by 2020.

You can see more about Emily and her creation here, from WLNS. 

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