It was a craze that swept the nation in the late months of 2021. Squid Games, a series released on Netflix, followed 456 players who were in a financial hardship. The grand prize for winning the squid games, was a ₩45.6 billion prize. 

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The only catch, it is a deadly game that risks the contestants life's.

The New Squid Game: The Challenge Series on Netflix

Based off that popular Squid Games series, came a real challenge based off the show. One that is less dangerous and deadly for the contestants life's.

The new series is a ten-episode series, which follows another 456 players, which is the largest cast in reality TV history, all competing for the $4.56 million dollar prize. The cash prize was also the largest single prize in reality television history.

Lansing's Connection To The Squid Games: The Challenge

Lansing's connection to the new Squid Games series, is thanks to player number 43, Eddie Morris.

Morris, is a native of the Lansing area, and actually heard about the new squid game series on 97.5 NOW-FM, in Lansing. After hearing an advertisement for the new show on the station, Eddie figured this was something he was interested in.

Exclusive Interview With Eddie Morris After The Show

Unfortunately, Eddie was not the big grand prize winner of the new Netflix series, however, he was able to compete and represent Michigan's state capital on the show.

The morning show on 97.5 NOW-FM was able to actually chat with Eddie after he made his appearance on the show, and did an interview.

You can listen to that interview in its entirety, below:


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