Hold onto your knickers, girls! Spice Girls fans can finally live out their Scary, Sporty, Baby, Posh and Ginger fantasies now that the actual Spice Bus from 1997's cult film Spice World is on AirBnb.

The rental has an impressive 4.86 star review rating and will only set fans back $303 per night.

With one bedroom, two beds (a double bed and single bed) and one bathroom, the bus can host up to three guests. It overlooks Island Harbour Marina in Isle of Wight, U.K. with a bar, restaurant and small shop nearby. The rental also features a waterfront view, backyard and free parking.

See inside the Spice Bus Airbnb rental, below:

Inside the Spice Bus on Airbnb

"The outside of the bus shows off its famous Union Jack exterior, as it did in the Spice World movie. Inside, as huge fans of the band, we have tried to include as many little touches as possible, inspired by the girls and their music, to make the interior just as iconic as the outside," the listing notes.

The first level of the bus includes a seating area, Union Jack movie theater chairs, a TV and CD player. The second level includes a day bed, double bed and dressing room area.

Facilities located nearby for guests' private use include a toilet, sink, shower, toiletries and towel, as well as a kitchenette area.

Book your stay here and relive the best moments with the Spice Bus, below.

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