Before venturing into the kitchen to prepare your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it's prudent to make a pit stop at your cupboard to inspect a particular staple.

One spice you're almost guaranteed to find in your pantry is black pepper—a kitchen essential for many. If you don't have this one particular spice either, we should probably talk on the side, because how else are you cooking your food?

Popular Spice Recall in Michigan

The latest concern surrounding this common spice arises in Michigan, where it's at the center of a recall. UBC Food Distributors, a local company based in Wayne County, Michigan, has issued a recall due to the discovery of salmonella contamination in their black pepper product.

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The product under scrutiny goes by the name "Baraka" and can be identified by its UPC code:

  • 8 22514 26626 6

Consumers are advised to also check the best-by date, which should read January 2026.

What Are The Symptoms of Salmonella

Salmonella, a bacterium notorious for causing foodborne illness, poses significant health risks. Symptoms typically include fever, abdominal cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Given the seriousness of the situation, it's imperative to conduct a thorough check of your spice inventory and discard any affected products promptly. By doing so, you can safeguard your health and ensure your culinary endeavors remain enjoyable and safe.

Ensure your kitchen remains a safe haven by taking precautionary measures against potential health hazards. Stay informed about recalls like this one and promptly dispose of any affected products to protect yourself and your loved ones. Let's keep cooking safe and enjoyable!

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