Valentine's Day is tomorrow and if you are still running around trying to figure out something to do for your significant other, here are a few ideas where you can spend less than $100.

Esquire made the list and your choice may also depend on how long you have been going out or what you think your Valentine might like. But here are some good and cheap idea....

  • Out For Drinks - This can be for a couple that is engaged or married as it is intimate and also will cost less than $100, unless you are big drinkers.
  • Out For A show - This can be for a couple that is looking to dine in then go out after dinner or vice versa. Plus a show can also take up most of the night.....
  • Dinner & A Movie In your Place - This can be an intimate Valentine's Day and with all of the movies on TV now you won't have to fight your way into theaters.
  • Taking a Class Together - This can be perfect if you are the couple that both don't know how to cook, or dance, or ect....and take a class where you can both learn the skill.
  • Karaoke, Comedy, Music Club - You can both go to a club and laugh, sing, or listen your night away. Most places have a cheap cover and make you drink a few but you were going to do that anyway.

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