This was something I thought about a few nights ago, when I couldn't sleep. I can take some time to fall asleep but when I do fall asleep, I'm asleep, and most sounds can't really affect me. However, those few minutes before I drift off can be troubling because I have really good hearing and any sound can keep me awake and alert.

One story I have about sleep struggle happened about 6-7 years ago when I was living in an apartment complex. It was one of those where it was about 6 floors high and I was living on the top floor. This was also a complex where the walls were pretty thin. One night at about 1am, this is my usual time I fall asleep, I hear a faint beeping. At first I ignored the beeping but once I heard it, it was stuck in my head. I thought maybe it was my smoke alarm but after a few minutes I realized it was my neighbor's. Unfortunately for me, my neighbor was gone for a few days so this beeping never stopped....All night long! I didn't get much sleep and eventually I had to call the apartment office so we could call the neighbor to ask him if we could go in his place to change the batteries of his smoke alarm. I still have thoughts about this to this day and whenever I hear a beep I cringe a bit.

This was the catalyst for my topic of the day yesterday as I asked you "What sounds keep you awake at night?" You might be thinking some of the usual suspects like a car alarm, but actually there were a few other ones that you might never think of.

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