Please forgive my lateness getting this post up. ArtFeast in Old Town happened back on August 17th. And in between actually uploading the photos and putting this blog together, I have been painfully sidetracked. However, I ran into a number of local Lansing artists that I said I would make sure I featured and showed their art and gave their contact information. Most of the folks paintings or works have their social media tags on them. And I even included photos of their business cards so you can contact them directly. I will list them separately before the gallery of photos from the event. But I beg of you, when local artists are out and about, please support them. Go see them. Buy their art. Spread the word. We need art. It is important. We need to support our children and folks who have an interest in art. Be it painting, sculpting, designing, spoken word, music, whatever. Please support local art and artists. Thanks.

I got 3 pieces at this event myself.

Local artist featured in our gallery (if I missed you, I didn't get a card or see you sign so please forgive me). Visit them, support them, buy their art, go to their shows. Thank you.

@orijart on facebook and instagram

Brian Snyder on facebook and instagram

Michelle Detering Art on facebook

Mandy Mann Art

Lychens Art

Aaron McCall & Aaron Mccall Dot Net on facebook & instagram

Megara Ev and on instagram 

Lansing, Old Town ArtFeast 2019

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