Cemeteries are some of the most peaceful places in the world. Unless of course the dead are not resting well. While Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit is the states oldest, there is some creepy history with Lansing's burial grounds.

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The oldest cemetery in Lansing is North. It cost the Delhi Township board $55 for the land back in 1852. It has a pretty rich history. If you are a bit afraid of walking cemeteries, no worries. This guy did it for you...

North is the oldest cemetery in Lansing, but  Mt Hope has a cooler or spookier story. It starts with the fact that the location was not always the same. Oak park, aka East Side Park, was the original resting place for many until the late 19th century. If you believe local legends, ghostly children play in the wading pool. Supposedly, the caretakers were careless. When they were moving the around 1000 graves to the Mt Hope location, they left a few behind. I suppose the silver lining is that ghosts are friendly and not upset over the move.

Graveyards are not top of mind destinations for most, but there seems to be a growing fascination with cemeteries. Obviously people go there to be close to their resting loved ones, but people find other ways to frequent. I tend to go the cemetery to pay respects to my grandparents. There have been a few mornings that I have seen people doing yoga. Cemetery yoga has become a big thing. I get it. It is typically quiet and peaceful there. Although, there are probably some that can't get over the gravestones.

There are also people that specifically go to cemeteries for the tombstones. They read the names and look up the history of the person buried there. It sounds like a school assignment, but people do it as a hobby. Different strokes for different folks right?

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