Heavy rain is on the way to part of Michigan over the next 48 hours which will then lead to a steady stream of rain after that.

Most of the heaviest rain will fall in the UP and Northern Michigan with some places up there getting 3 inches. Then this rain will come down and hit the Central and eastern parts of the state with something called "Train Echos" which look like train cars on a radar. The rain in these systems get heavy at times and can drop substantial rain on a certain area in a short time, more about it from MLive.

The Heaviest rain will take a few days to move southeast into our area, so it could be later in the week Friday or Saturday before we see it. Also with the new Hurricane Newton hitting the Southeast now we can also get some of that coming later next week too.

The total rain fall most analysts are saying for the Lansing-area is between .25 - .75 inch of rain.